Thursday, September 29, 2011


I like the idea of spotlights but in nature. This relates to how I focus on small areas when I'm drawing the complexity of nature.
- When I was in Colorado this summer, I was high in the mountains where cattle are allowed to freely roam. They heavily impact the terrain and create tunnels through the underbrush. I photographed these often and will using the images as reference for a while.


Edge of the Riverbank

Edge of the Tunnel

Edge of the Cold Creek
Here are 3 new "drawings"- officially completed early this morning.
All are 24 x 24 inches, graphite and encaustic on panel
---Available at Gallery 360 in Mpls Oct 1 - Nov 6

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 commissions for the Carlton Hotel

Here are 3 paintings I did this summer for the Carlton Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis.
All these were based on paintings I had done previously. They identified works they were interested in and I then did digital sketches to include the color orange. After they accepted the sketches, I proceeded onto the paintings. The 2 abstracts are in the front lobby and the pine needles painting is near the back, toward the elevators.

48 x 48 inches / Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 60 inches / Acrylic on Canvas

32 x 48 inches / Acrylic on Panel

Sunday, September 04, 2011

San Juan National Forest

I spent a week in the San Juan National Forest (CO) at the beginning of August doing a residency at the Aspen Guard Station. Here are a few pics of the area.

Near Moab, Utah

From a trip in August, 2011. Stunning landscape near Moab, Utah.