Tuesday, June 16, 2009

draw, draw, draw + frog

I've been sitting the same area for days to do that long drawing. The frogs (who are probably annoyed I'm always in their home) are getting used to me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pine Needles 15" x 15' Drawing

My project at this residency is a very long continuous drawing called “At Pine Needles.” Upon arriving at Pine Needles, I spent a couple of days scouting the area for the ideal location for the project. Upon finding a stretch of terrain on the bank of the St. Croix that had a variety of live and desiccated plants, exposed roots, rocks, branches and other objects of interest (like multiple dragonfly's exuvia) I measured out an area equal to the length and width of my roll of paper, 15 inches (with a couple extra at top and bottom) x 15+ feet. Each day the weather allows, I sit on the ground and draw the ground/embankment in front of me. The days where the weather doesn’t allow for working outside, I have a have a collection of objects I found in the area to use as reference for other smaller drawings. I've also thoroughly photographed the site (and re-photograph every day I draw outside) in case there are too many cold or wet days....I want the drawing to be complete by the end of the residency, so if needed, I might have to draw from the photos. I admit I'm getting tired of drawing rocks and pine needles, but I am determined to finish with the same attitude I started with. I plan to allow the drawing to breathe by having areas of just line work and moving in and out of extreme realism, but things could change. So far there has been some rain and lots of cold, hoping for more sun! 2 full weeks to go.

Textures from fallen trees

As always - I shoot texture where I find it. Most of the fallen trees at Pine Needles yield amazing textures and form.