Monday, April 25, 2011

Side of the Road, Hwy 801

Find on the side of the road, Hwy 801.

On a short walk, I found dead or dying butterflies every 10 ft or so. Yes, I did put them in a jar and take them home. No, I didn't take the bird.

Another Landscape for "Caught in the Calm"

This is from time spent on the St Croix River. Most late afternoons I would wade across the river to the small island where the deer liked to feed. I photographed here often, this one is from inside the grove of trees, looking to the MN side of the river. This painting is from one of the images.

36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blooming Again

All from Rowan County, KY.

Creek in Spring

Been painting constantly for TX show the past couple weeks but I took a break this weekend again for a couple hours. Went down by a creek that runs into Cave Run Lake. Water is high and lots of flooding. I adore what happens when rushing water causes accumulation.

Skyscapes for "Caught in the Calm"

Dark Clouds, Salmon River Estuary (Otis OR)
Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36

The gallery director asked me to do some landscapes for the TX show and I'm willing to test the market. These will be at the back of the gallery. Here are a couple skyscapes that are finished. I have a few more to photograph yet.

Open Sky, Salmon River Estuary (Otis OR)
Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48

Open Sky, Fields near NY Mills (NY Mills, MN)
Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tortoise in the Leaf Litter

Contrasting Textures in Rowan County

Natural Vs Man-made

Spring in Rowan County

All these shots are from around Cave Run Lake

Vultures, Rowan County

Some works in the May Show

The exhibition in Houston is art inspired by recent residencies along rivers in the Midwest & on the Pacific Northwest Coast. The works in this exhibition include a wide-range of approaches to the landscapes including both realistic and abstracted views of the landscapes or objects found in them; ranging from naturalistic drawings and paintings, wall murals combined with collected objects, patterns & layered abstractions.

Both of these works are results from being in NY Mills, MN on a bright afternoon. Both are on canvas, each is 30 x 40 inches, acrylic.