Thursday, November 10, 2011

Specimens, 94 to go

These are the beginnings of a long series of "Small Specimens."
All the "specimens" are required to be less than 2 x 3 inches. Whenever I spend time in new landscapes - I pick up small objects. I have a huge collection, and will draw these in between projects. My goal is to make at least 10 a year....and when I have 100, they will be shown together when I can find a big enough wall.

16 x 20 each / ink & graphite on paper / NFS
They aren't for sale, but I have hi-res scans if you want a print.

Vine Root, St Croix River, MN
Lichen, St Croix River, WI
Bulb with Roots, St Croix River, MN
Sea Grass, Salmon River Estuary, OR
Gull Skull, Salmon River Estuary, OR
Vine Root, St Croix River, MN