Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silo Design

BETHANY KALK /// Peerless Group
Silo Banner Design
For Emerging Terrain in Omaha, NE

Emerging Terrain’s project “Stored Potential” is a large-scale installation covering the silos of a vacant grain elevator near downtown Omaha, Nebraska in order to reposition the structure in the landscape. This second set of designs have subject matter to initiate conversation about the fused nature of transportation and transport in relation to the grain elevator, the citywide hiking trail (once rail) it terminates, and the 76,000 vehicles passing it each day on the cross-continental Interstate 80.

My multi-layered interpretation of the theme of intertwinines the networks of constructed roadways in Omaha with ‘transport’ formations of ant trails – the resulting image is a visualization of the similarity and interconnection between human and natural realms of movement. The honeycomb form of ‘food storage’ layers yet another important process into the overall image and idea. All these networks represented here at similart scale blurs the hierarchy of our often competing worlds and renders them equal in importance.