Sunday, June 08, 2008

Draw Too: June 20 - Aug 20


I was in the first draw show at SooVAC in 2004 - now its here again, with a twist. Here is mine for "draw a breath." I have 3 others there as well.

a review of the show

Draw Too: A Drawing Show in Four Acts
June 20 – August 20, 2008
Opening Reception Friday June 20, 6-9pm

In 2004 SooVAC presented a drawing show exhibiting over seventy artists, the majority of which resided in Minnesota. Works ranged from naïve line drawings, to detailed realism, from graphic prints to more painterly styles. Now in 2008 SooVAC will revisit this concept in Draw Too: A Drawing Show in Four Acts. This time around artists will explore how to express four meanings of the word draw by the act of drawing, both intangible and concrete illustrations derived from these concepts: Draw as an art form, draw a breath, draw a gun and a draw in sports.

The works must include elements of drawing though they are not limited to the strict interpretation of the act of drawing as pen or pencil to paper. In keeping with the dynamic nature of the exhibition the artists will expose multiple layers of meaning, revealing how one word can evoke a variety of conversations. Each artist will contribute works that weave a narrative thread, which investigates the complex nature of etymology and thus the act of communication. The artists are guided only by their definitions of what it means to draw, allowing for a myriad of results. Some of the works utilize traditional methods of graphite on paper while others expand the boundaries to encapsulate computer drawn imagery and unexpected materials.

Featuring Works by:

Isaac Arvold | Eric Carlson | Adam Carstens | Caleb Coppock | Craig Hill | Bethany Kalk | Katrina Lamb | John Largaespada | Rob McBroom | Michael McConnell | Kurtis Skaife | Scott Stulen | Sarah Thibault | Megan Vossler