Sunday, June 08, 2008

MEANDER: 18 person collaboration

I asked 17 other artists to join me at the Soap Factory Gallery in Mpls for as much time as they could spare over 11 days. Some of us brought a few projects with us that others could work with, other projects happened "spontaneously" in reaction to the space and materials we had available. The show runs from May 24 - July 6. For gallery hours and directions -

Here are some pics...I will get more up at the end of the month.

MEANDER brings together 18 artists to collaborate on a large, multi-faceted installation that roves through Galleries 2 and 3. Encouraged to leave concepts of solo art-making behind, MEANDER invites artists to respond organically and dynamically to the space and to each other. As a single winding, morphing, and evolving installation, MEANDER is a unique opportunity for viewers to observe the results of artistic collaboration on a grand scale. The exhibition, which features installation, sculptural objects, painting, drawing, animation, sound, photography and video, will be created on-site at The Soap Factory.

Artists include: Shepherd Alligood, Andrea Selese Carlson, Caleb Coppock, Robin Cotton, Mitchell Dose, Isa Gagarin, Sally Grayson, Brian Jorgenson, Bethany Kalk, Ryan MacIntyre, Markus Merkle, Erika Ritzel, Molly Roth, Chad Rutter, Joe Sinness, Emily Smith, Dan Tesene, Angela Zammarelli