Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MCBA opening / Nov 12th

Full View of the River from N. Mississippi Regional Park
9 inch x 8 ft / Acrylic on paper, 2010


At this exhibition I'll be showing a book of 20 images and 5 original works + video of the site I was drawing.

I'll be traveling back to Mpls for the opening - hope to see my friends there!

MCBA / Jerome Foundation
Book Arts Fellowship Series X
November 12, 2010 through February 6, 2011

Opening reception Friday, November 12; 6-9pm
Brief program and artist presentations 7:30pm

A careful exploration of nature takes shape in Kalk's artist's book. The River from North Mississippi Regional Park is a book of drawings and paintings that create a portrait of a single spot on the river in Minneapolis from winter through fall. Kalk's chosen area is on the river embankment, across from a small island where herons nest. The artist elaborates: "From here you almost forget you are in the city except one can hear the hum of traffic from I-94, see the blue Camden Bridge that spans the river nearby, and decipher the city in the distance. I drew and painted on site when possible; the winter images are painted from my own photographs. I also filmed the site multiple times during the year." The culminating artist's book features an 8-foot by 9-inch painting of the river in a 180-degree view, divided into two 4-foot accordion folds. Additional pages illustrate delicate details: roots, insects, flowers and additional views of the landscape.